Web Push Feature Availability

Web push is still a very new and rapidly changing technology. Each browser currently supports a set of features per OS. Here is a easy table to look up feature availability in web push per browser per OS.

OS Browser Image Support Icon Support Action Button Support
Windows Chrome ✅(Chrome 53+) ✅(Chrome 22+) ✅(Chrome 53+)
Windows Firefox ✅(Firefox 22+)
Windows Opera ✅(Opera 25+)
macOS Chrome ✅(Chrome 22+) ✅(Chrome 53+)
macOS Firefox ✅(Firefox 22+)
macOS Opera ✅(Opera 25+)
Linux Chrome ✅(Chrome 53+) ✅(Chrome 22+) ✅(Chrome 53+)
Linux Firefox ✅(Firefox 22+)
Linux Opera ✅(Opera 25+)
Android Chrome ✅(Chrome 53+) ✅(Chrome 22+) ✅(Chrome 53+)
Android Firefox ✅(Firefox 22+)
Android Opera ✅(Opera 25+)