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Setting up Web Push

MoEngage Web Push is supported on

  • Chrome (version 42+ on macOS, Windows, Linux and Android)
  • Firefox (version 44+ on macOS, Windows, Linux and Android)
  • Opera (version 37+ on macOS, Windows, Linux and Android)

Accessing Settings

Head over to Web Push Settings on your MoEngage Dashboard: Settings -> Channel -> Push -> Web Push. Proceed to configure the following settings:

2. Default Push Icon

All Web Push notifications should contain an icon - by default you will see the MoEngage icon. You can change this by uploading your Brand’s logo.

2. Select domain type (HTTPS/HTTP) -

Depending on your domain type (HTTP/HTTPS), you can proceed to

3. Sub-Domains:

If you have multiple sub domains and you want to use the same Dashboard to track, then enable it.

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Setting up Web Push

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