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Setting up Web Push

MoEngage Web Push is supported on

  • Chrome (version 42+ on macOS, Windows, Linux and Android)
  • Firefox (version 44+ on macOS, Windows, Linux and Android)
  • Opera (version 37+ on macOS, Windows, Linux and Android)

Accessing Settings

Head over to Web Push Settings in your MoEngage Dashboard Settings -> Push -> Web Push. Proceed to configure the following settings:

1. FCM Details

We depend on FCM Project Number and its corresponding API Server Key to send Web Push notifications. To get these, you can

  • Use MoEngage Shared FCM credentials by selecting MoEngage Shared Project
  • Select Custom and enter details of your project. You can refer to our documentation to get your own credentials.


MoEngage Shared Project

These FCM credentials are also used by our other clients and your push subscribers will be associated with this MoEngage Google Project. It is recommended to create your own Google Project which will enable you to manage your push subscribers and avoid failures in case Google limits the subscribers count in future.

2. Default Push Icon

All Web Push notifications should contain an icon - by default you will see the MoEngage icon. You can change this by uploading your Brand’s logo.

3. Select domain type (HTTPS/HTTP)

Depending on your domain type (HTTP/HTTPS), you can proceed to

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Setting up Web Push

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