SDK Integration

How to integrate iOS SDK into your app




  • The current SDK supports iOS10 and above

  • Refer to this Sample Project as a reference for implementation of any feature of MoEngage iOS SDK.

  • For complete API reference of the SDK, refer to the docs in this link

Integration through CocoaPods

Cocoapods is a dependency manager for Objective C & Swift projects and makes integration easier.

  1. If you don't have cocoapods installed, you can do it by executing the following line in your terminal.
sudo gem install cocoapods
  1. If you don't have a Podfile, then create one by using pod init command. Post this add MoEngage-iOS-SDK pod to your pod file as shown below:
pod 'MoEngage-iOS-SDK','~>7.0'
  1. Integrate MoEngage iOS SDK by executing the following in the terminal at your project's root directory:
pod repo update
pod install
  1. Now, open your project workspace and check if MoEngage SDK is properly added.



To integrate the SDK manually to your project follow this doc.

What’s Next

Awesome, you are all set to use MoEngage now. Next we will see how to initialize MoEngage SDK and changes that are to be made to your AppDelegate file.