MoEngage Docs

SDK Installation

Installing the MoEngage Library using Visual Studio

Manual Installation

STEP 1 - Download the SDK

Download the latest sdk from the following page and unzip to some directory on your PC.
Download Here

STEP 2 - Add a reference of SDK to the app

Add the downloaded MoEngage_UWP_SDK.dll file to the project.

Go to -> Project -> Add Reference -> Browse to the dll file in your computer and add it as reference.

STEP 3 - Use the package manager console to install the following packages

Install NewtonSoft Json - Instructions Here

STEP 4 - Add dependencies as a reference

Click Project > Add Reference > Windows Universal > Extensions
As shown in below image add two dependencies:

  • Windows Mobile Extensions for the UWP v10.0.10240.0
  • Windows Mobile Extension for the UWP v10.0.10586.0

What's Next

Let's add app lifecycle callback

App Lifecycle Callbacks