Resubscribe Email API

Resubscribe Email API enables you to add or remove users from the mailing lists.

When a user unsubscribes from your mailing list, the API is used to ensure that the user does not receive any more emails in the future.
If the user changes the decision later, you can use this API to resubscribe this user to your mailing lists.

A typical use case will be to show a 'Resubscribe' option on the landing page to which the user is redirected after unsubscribing.


Enable access to API

This service is not enabled by default. Contact [email protected] to enable this service.

Resubscribe Email API Endpoints

MoEngage supports multiple data centers with different dashboards and API endpoints. When you sign up with MoEngage, you will be assigned a particular data center and the relevant dashboard is displayed. Use the API endpoints associated with the data center.

For more information about your data center, contact [email protected]

You can find out which data center you are assigned to when you log in to the dashboard. The following table describes the dashboard URL and API endpoint associated with the data center.

Two versions of the dashboard URL and API endpoints are provided by MoEngage.

Data Centers and API Datapoints

Please note that we will continue to support both the old and new data API endpoints mentioned in the above section for foreseeable future but we recommend out customers to move to the new endpoints as soon as possible.


New version

Older version


Support for Old and New Endpoints

Support for both old and new Resubscribe Email API endpoints will be available, but we recommend that you start using the new endpoints as soon as possible.

Request Headers

Header Field





Type of content




Header containing unique request ID (UUID).
Generate a UUID for each request you send. This will be used for debugging purposes if you face any issue with email delivery.




App key of the user. Can be found in dashboard




Secret key to access the API. This will be shared with you when the service is enabled. This will be shown in the dashboard soon.




Request Details

HTTP request type: DELETE
Request timeout: 4sec

Request Body

  All fields are mandatory
  "recipients": ["[email protected]","[email protected]"]


  Response code: 200
    "status": "success",
    "message": "Resubscribe request is processed",
    "req_id": "c1912fbc-89fc-11e8-9a94-a6cf71072f73"

Import APIs in to Postman

We have made it easy for you to test the apis, If you are using Postman, click on the following button to export the APIs in to your Postman collections.