Preparing for Release

All set and ready to go

Configuring Proguard

If you use Proguard to obfuscate your app use the following configuration in your app


If you are using SDK version 9.5.00 or above you can skip this section. Pro-guard is pre-configured by the SDK.

-keep class** { *; }

-keep class** { *; }
-keep class
-keep class com.moengage.locationlibrary.GeofenceIntentService
-keep class
-keep class
-keep class** { *;}
-keep class com.moengage.core.GeoTask
-keep class com.moengage.location.GeoManager
-keep class com.moengage.inapp.InAppManager
-keep class com.moengage.push.PushManager
-keep class com.moengage.inapp.InAppController
-keep class
-keep class com.moengage.core.MoEAlarmReceiver
-keep class com.moengage.core.MoEngage
# Push 
-keep class com.moengage.pushbase.activities.PushTracker
-keep class com.moengage.pushbase.activities.SnoozeTracker
-keep class com.moengage.pushbase.push.MoEPushWorker
-keep class
# Real Time Triggers
-keep class com.moengage.addon.trigger.DTHandlerImpl
-keep class com.moengage.core.MoEDTManager
-keep class com.moengage.core.MoEDTManager.DTHandler

# Push Amplification
-keep class com.moengage.addon.messaging.MessagingHandlerImpl
-keep class com.moengage.push.MoEMessagingManager
-keep class com.moengage.addon.messaging.MoEMessageSyncJob
-keep class com.moengage.addon.messaging.MoEMessageSyncReceiver
-keep class com.moengage.addon.messaging.MoEMessageSyncIntentService

-dontwarn com.moengage.location.GeoManager
-dontwarn com.moengage.core.GeoTask
-dontwarn com.moengage.receiver.*
-dontwarn com.moengage.worker.*
-dontwarn com.moengage.inapp.ViewEngine

-keep class com.delight.**  { *; }

Add the below when using MoEngage's FCM receiver

# only when using FCM
-keep class com.moengage.firebase.MoEngaeFireBaseMessagingService
-keep class com.moengage.firebase.MoEngageFireBaseInstanceIdService
-keep class com.moengage.firebase.PushHandlerImpl