Onsite Messaging

On-site Messaging Campaigns allow you to show personalized pop-ups and non-intrusive banners on your website. To get this enabled for your account, please contact our Sales Team.

Once enabled, there are no separate integration efforts required for On-site Messaging. It will automatically start working on all the pages where the web SDK is integrated.

Disabling On-site messaging campaigns on a few pages

If there is a requirement to specifically disable On-site Messaging on a few pages of your website, you need to initialize the SDK on these pages as below -

Moengage = moe({
  app_id: "XXXXXXXXXXXX",
  debug_logs: 0,
  disable_onsite: true

Pass disable_onsite: true while initializing on those pages where you do not want On-site Messaging Campaigns to be shown.

Please note that if you pass disable_onsite: true while initializing the SDK on all of your website pages, then On-site Messaging will not be shown at all.