Integration Assist Chrome Extension

Having difficulties while integrating our Web SDK ?

You don't have to wait for our awesome customer support to get back to you. Try our MoEngage Assist Chrome Extension (Beta). Here is a gist of what our assist can do -

  1. It will be active only on those pages where our SDK is integrated
  2. Gives basic information of all the configurations
  3. Can forcefully fetch the configurations (instead of waiting for 24 hours to refresh it)
  4. Shows any errors in serviceworker integration
  5. Shows the list of events and attributes tracked
  6. Informs whether the user is created/subscribed or not.
  7. Can track any events
  8. Can add any attributes
  9. Informs whether Onsite and Web Personalization is enabled or not
  10. Shows the list of Onsite Campaigns and its trigger condition in nice readable format
  11. Shows the list of Web Personalization Campaigns and its trigger condition in nice readable format
  12. Can forcefully fetch the Onsite and Web Personalization campaigns (instead of waiting for 15min to refresh it)

You can install our extension in Chrome, by clicking on the link below.

MoEngage Chrome Assist

Here is a sample screenshot of how our Assist would look like during the action.