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MoEngage Assist

Web-SDK integration assistant

Quick integration checks on the fly.

MoEngage Assist Pannel Preview

MoEngage Assist Pannel Preview

Facing issues while integrating our web-sdk ?

You don't have to wait for our awesome customer support to get back to you. Try our MoEngage Assist (Beta). It will answer most of your questions.

MoEngage Assist Features

  • Performs basic integration checks.
  • Displays device unique-ID that can be copied.
  • Displays device push token that can be copied.
  • Shows opt-in state of the domain (both HTTP and HTTPS)
  • Shows billing-plan information.
  • Guides the user to reset everything and start over.

Enabling MoEngage Assist

Just set assist key to true in the initialization object.

Moengage = moe({
assist: true });

Or if your developer is not around to help, just open your browser console and type this to enable MoEngage Assist:


<!-- Moengage Initialization -->
<script type="text/javascript">
	Moengage = moe(
                app_id: "YOUR_APP_ID_GOES_HERE",
                assist: true // This enables MoEngage Assist

If performing the step mentioned above is not a quick possibility, open your browser console and call this function:

//This function Enables Moengage Assist:

//This code disables Moengage Assist:

MoEngage Assist

Web-SDK integration assistant

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