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Getting FCM/GCM Server Key

Existing Google Project with GCM API enabled

If you are using an existing Google Project with enabled GCM APIs, you can follow the below steps.

Getting GCM Project Number

Getting GCM API Server Key

You should then click on Credentials. Here, you can

  • EITHER copy an existing API Server Key and paste it under GCM Key on the Settings Page of MoEngage dashboard.
  • OR click on Create Credentials -> API Key to create a new API Key
  • Select Server Key under Create a new Key
  • Name your API Key and leave IP addresses blank, if you don't want to enable IP whitelisting.
  • Click on Create, copy the generated API Key and paste it under GCM Key under Settings on MoEngage Dashboard

Whitelisting IPs

If you are using whitelisted IPs then add the following IPs,,,,,

You are done with obtaining GCM Project Number and GCM API Server Key.

Creating New Project / Using Existing FCM Project

If you are already have a Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) project, jump directly to obtaining project credentials.

Creating New Project

  • Login to Firebase Console
  • Click on the Create Project button to create a new project

Enter Project Name and click on "Create Project"

Getting GCM Project Number and API Server Key

On the Firebase console, click on Settings gear icon and select Project Settings

Head over to Cloud Messaging tab under Settings

Getting FCM/GCM Server Key

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