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GDPR Compliance

We have updated our SDK to make it GDPR compliant. Please ensure that you are using iOS SDK version 4.1.0 and above to use below provided opt-outs :

Opt-Out of Data Tracking

To opt-out of data tracking by the SDK use optOutOfDataTracking: method as shown below:

MoEngage.sharedInstance().optOut(ofDataTracking: true)
[[MoEngage sharedInstance] optOutOfDataTracking:true];


Once you have opted out of data tracking you need to explicitly opt-in to start tracking any event OR attributes for the user.

Opt-Out of Push

To opt-out of push notification from MoEngage use optOutOfMoEngagePushNotification: method as shown below:

MoEngage.sharedInstance().optOut(ofMoEngagePushNotification: true)
[[MoEngage sharedInstance] optOutOfMoEngagePushNotification:true];


  • In this method, we are tracking an attribute for the user MOENGAGE_PUSH_OPTED_OUT. Make sure you are using this Attribute to segment out the users while creating the campaign. Once you have opted out of push notification you need to explicitly opt-in to enable push notifications for the user.

  • This method will not disable Push Notification for the app but only track an attribute as mentioned above which can be used while setting segmentation for the campaign.

  • To disable Push Notifications redirect the user to App settings screen.

Opt-Out of InApp

To opt-out of in-app notification use optOutOfInAppCampaign: method as shown below:

MoEngage.sharedInstance().optOutOf(inAppCampaign: true)
[[MoEngage sharedInstance] optOutOfInAppCampaign:true];


Once you have opted out of in-app notification you need to explicitly opt-in to show any inApp campaign to the user.

Updated 10 months ago

GDPR Compliance

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