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Apsalar Integration

Apsalar Integration helps MoEngage track user acquisition information and map it to the post installation behaviour of the user. It helps in identifying the best advertisement source that can deliver the maximum impact.

Please refer to the following link on how to add post back urls

Select Event Type as Install, and the post back url to be added is given below.{EVNTNAME}&android_id={ANDI}&google_aid={AIFA}&publisher_name={SITE}&campaign_name={CID}&datetime={INSTALL_UTCM}&idfa={IDFA}&os_version={OS_VERSION}&fb_campaign_name={FB_C_NAME}&fb_campaign_id={FB_C_ID}&fb_ad_set_id={FB_AS_ID}&fb_ad_set_name={FB_AS_NAME}&fb_ad_id={FB_A_ID}&fb_ad_name={FB_A_NAME}&twtr_campaign_name={TWTR_C_NAME}&twtr_campaign_id={TWTR_C_ID}&platform={PLATFORM}

Replace the APP_ID with the MoEngage unique id - you can find it in the app dashboard under settings.

Once done, go to 'Settings' -> 'App Settings' on MoEngage Dashboard.

Under 'Acquisition Settings', turn on 'Acquisition Tracking', and select Apsalar from the dropdown. Hit save.

Note : 3rd party Acquisition Data from partners is calculated every 2 hrs and aggregated data on Acquisition dashboard is refreshed every 6hrs.

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Apsalar Integration

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