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Appsflyer Integration

Use Install Attribution data from Appsflyer in MoEngage

Appsflyer, one of MoEngage's Technology Partners allows you to track the install attribution data in MoEngage which you can then use to enhance your marketing automation campaigns on MoEngage.

To integrate AppsFlyer with MoEngage, you need to follow the below steps:

STEP 1: Configure Settings on MoEngage Dashboard

Go to MoEngage Dashboard: 'Settings' -> 'Analytics'.

Under 'Acquisition Settings', turn on 'Acquisition Tracking', and select AppsFlyer from the dropdown.
This by default will generate an 'App Key'.

Hit Save to save all these changes.

MoEngage dashboard 'App Settings'

STEP 2: Configure Settings on AppsFlyer Dashboard

Go to the AppsFlyer Dashboard of your app and click on Integrated Partners on the left bar.

Enter "MoEngage" in the search field and click on its logo to open MoEngage's configuration window.

AppsFlyer dashboard settings

MoEngage's configuration window only makes use of the Integration tab.

On the first visit here, you will need to toggle below. ON the Activate Partner button to enable setup of the integration tab's parameters. The toggle MUST be ON for as long as you work with the partner.

Once Activated, you need to enter the below 2 fields on the Appsflyer dashboard to establish a connection between Appsflyer and MoEngage -

  1. APP_ID : You can fetch the APP_ID from MoEngage dashboard. Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> App Settings

  2. APP_KEY: Enter the APP_KEY generated in STEP 1 or from your MoEngage Dashboard: 'Settings' -> 'Analytics'.

Hit 'Save Integration'.

Integration with AppsFlyer is now complete.

Note : 3rd party Acquisition Data from partners is calculated every 2 hrs and aggregated data on Acquisition dashboard is refreshed every 6hrs.

How to use the Acquisition Data in MoEngage

Once MoEngage starts receiving data from Appsflyer, you can leverage this data in the following ways:

  1. We track two User Attributes - "Campaign Name" and "Publisher Name". These attributes can be used in your campaigns, segmentation and analytics.
  1. Acquisition Analytics Dashboard: Once the integration is enabled, you can also see your acquisition data analysis on the acquisition dashboard here.

Frequently Asked Questions -

Q1. How do I see the install data from Facebook in MoEngage?
A. As per Facebook data sharing policies, the install data from Facebook can only be seen in Appsflyer and not sent to any other platforms. These would be seen as Organic Installs in MoEngage.

Q2. Why are the Appsflyer Install Numbers lesser than MoEngage Install Numbers?
A. MoEngage will create a new user everytime a re-install happens. Appsflyer will not consider re-install in case the earlier install was inorganic.

Q3. Why are Appsflyer Install Numbers more than MoEngage Install Numbers?
A. If you are using the the MoEngage INSTALL event to calculate number of installs tracked by MoEngage, please see if this event is being setup correctly during integration. You can refer our documentation below or reach out to our support team for more queries on this.
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Appsflyer Integration

Use Install Attribution data from Appsflyer in MoEngage

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