Migrating to Push Amp+ 2.0.00


These migration steps are only required if you are updating the push-amp-plus SDK from 1.2.00 or below to 2.x or higher.

In the advent of making our SDK more configurable and robust, we have some changes or improvements in the SDK. We had to make some breaking changes in the SDK in the process. We request you to refer to the migration steps below and make changes accordingly.

Update the SDK Version


Update the SDK to the latest version by updating the dependency versions in your app/build.gradle file. You would need to update the version for moe-android-sdk push-amp-plus artifacts.
Make sure you refer to the Release Notes

Note: The push-amp-plus artifact should be compatible with the moe-android-sdk artifact you have already added. Make sure you check the version compatibility table and pick the right version for your application

Configure Push Amp+

To configure Push Amp plus follow the below steps:

Add Permissions to the Manifest File

Add Receiver and Services in Manifest File

Add Meta Data

Confguring Receviers


If you are not sure about how to get the metadata required for the configuration or don't know where to find it reach out to your Account Manager or reach out to us at [email protected]