Popular SDKs

Native MoEngage SDKs for iOS, Android & Web platforms

Segment Integration

MoEngage supports integration with Segment - a platform that collects, stores, and routes your user data to a multitude of tools for iOS, Android and Web

Other SDKs

MoEngage also provides support for Cross-Platform Mobile Application frameworks:

Partner Integrations

MoEngage works seamlessly with multiple partners which compliment your marketing automation / analytics activities on MoEngage. Below are some of the partners we work with -

AppsflyerInstall Attribution DataTo know the source and campaign of install
Branch Install Attribution DataTo know the source and campaign of install
SegmentData TrackingFor tracking user data in MoEngage
AdjustData TrackingFor tracking user data in MoEngage

MoEngage APIs

MoEngage provides high-performance APIs to allow you to track users and events, send push notifications, export campaign data, and more.

API NameDetails
Push APIUsed when you need to trigger push notifications directly from your server basis events happening on server side like order delivery, flight rescheduling / cancellation etc.
Data APIUsed for sending events and user attribute data to MoEngage from your servers.
Custom Segment APIUsed for creating a custom segment in MoEngage directly from your servers by passing a file input.
Daily Campaign Report APIUsed for fetching a daily report on campaign performance.
GDPR APIUsed for erasing user data from MoEngage when a user raises a GDPR Right to Erasure request.