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Mobile App Tracking (MAT) Integration

  1. In the partners section, Add MoEngage as a new Internal Partner.
  2. In the postback url section, please add the below link as part of new postback. Replace APP_ID with the AppId specific to your application, can be found in the settings page on the Dashboard.{android_id}&google_aid={google_aid}&publisher_name={publisher_name}&campaign_name={campaign_name}&datetime={conversion_timestamp_milliseconds}&payout={payout}&site_name={site_name}&sub_publisher={sub_publisher}&sub_campaign={sub_campaign}&sub_site={sub_site}&sub_adgroup={sub_adgroup}&sub_ad={sub_ad}&idfa={ios_ifa}
While adding postback url form, set the following attributes
Url - the link mentioned above, Mobile App - your app name, Type - Install, Status - Active, Data - All, Name - your desired name for the postback url.
MAT Configuration

MAT Configuration


Please ensure that you uncheck "Only send data attributed to selected partner"

Note : 3rd party Acquisition Data from partners is calculated every 2 hrs and aggregated data on Acquisition dashboard is refreshed every 6hrs.

Mobile App Tracking (MAT) Integration